Xàbia Centre


Tax, accounting and labor advisory

Who are we?​

We are Tina, Pepa and Josep, and together we form the consultancy Xàbia Center Assessors. An advisory service whose purpose is to help you resolve any legal, accounting, tax or labor doubt.

We work with you so you can focus on your business without having to worry about the bureaucratic part. We are experts in tax, labor and accounting advice.

Tax advisory

We manage and resolve all your doubts about any tax and accounting matter, as well as management and administration questions in your sector.

We advise you on compliance with tax obligations, corporate taxes, VAT and Personal Income Tax and on the specific taxes of your activity to comply with all the guarantees.

Accounting advisory

We measure and analyze the economic situation of your company so that you can manage it more easily.

We provide you with information to solve accounting problems so that you can make the best decisions for the future.

We record, classify and organize all operations so that you can know the flow of income and expenses as well as the entry and exit of capital.

Labor advisory

We advise you on personnel management. Contracts, terminations, layoffs, payrolls and all types of situations that may arise.

We work to ensure maximum peace of mind with your workers and public administrations, proposing the best option according to the law at all times.

Specific taxes on your activity to comply with all guarantees.

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